Whether the dark-haired sorceress seeks to influence the Imperial throne, or harbors more sinister motives, no-one knows for certain. This Witch of the Wilds arrived in Orlais rather suddenly three years ago as the newly-appointed “arcane advisor” to Empress Celene. In this role, Morrigan presents a source of information unfiltered by religious dogma, and satisfies Celene’s life-long curiosity about magic. However, whispers carry concern of Morrigan having Celene wrapped around her finger, teaching the Empress forbidden, dark arts in secret.

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nalyeillumeoni said: i think the key is choosing renegade after the beacon incident. if i remember correctly the “don’t blame yourself” option opens the romance. i might be wrong though.

Ah, well, I had hoped ignoring his presence would’ve been the key. I guess I will really have to play the Virmire card. Wanted to flip a coin originally … 

Thanks though!


how to play mass effect:

  • shoot things
  • sass people
  • hit on aliens
  • accidentally wipe out an entire race
  • fuck shit up
  • get your crew killed
  • get yourself killed

Someday, I’d like to go one week without meeting an insane mage. Just one week." — Hawke 

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Run like smoke and oakum.

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I frighten people into submission with enthusiasm.


Jared Fowler - Ile Du Nord, 2013

Aldinn Lund (Old Nature) \\ by Atmosfære on Tumblr